Paco Prima

Spanish Sculptor (1935-2020)

A look to the past.

An artwork in the present.






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His work is characterized by its elegance, naturalness devoid of affectation, although not exempt from a certain mannerism of the best lineage


Miguel Ángel Catalá Gorgues

(100 years of Valencian Painting, Sculpture and Engraving 1878-19788)

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Paco Prima manages like few others to carry out a truly possessed artwork together with a manual dexterity, by the mental substance and the spiritual wealth of humankind. He shows that he has, like no other, a lightness with which he knows how to seize a material, touch and caress it; modifying it almost unintentionally; in few words: to give a new life.

Olga Real   (“Levante” newspaper)

Talk about Paco Prima

Paco Prima is an artist who knows the cratf; his experiences start from the workshop where one learns to treat the materials with austerity and expertise. The academy does nothing more than complete this learning. Prima believes in the integration of Art in life, which is where his artwork acquires its full meaning. This exhibition wants to show that ability to reduce materials to aesthetic forms. The perfection with which they have been executed, their remarkable harmony, are nothing more than the path of a vigorous expression that he seeks as the basis for a living communication based on the work of art.

Antonio Corell  (architect)